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My name is Rebecca Mitchell and I am a Leeds-based UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Trainee Therapist; currently in the process of completing an accredited qualification in Relational Integrative Psychotherapy.


I provide one-to-one emotional support in a confidential, non-clinical setting. I will work with, and alongside you to explore and help you with any issues you are struggling with.

I work and abide by UKCP guidelines and hold UKCP Trainee Membership.


Please take your time to explore my website and send an enquiry if you wish to do so.

Why Psychotherapy?

Similar to counselling, psychotherapy is a talking therapy which aims to build awareness, understanding, acceptance and compassion towards yourself and others.


It is not a one-size-fits-all, and as an Integrative therapist I draw upon different models of psychotherapy, unique to each client, adjusting them to your needs.


I work relationally, so sessions aim to emphasise and bring into awareness relational patterns which may exist and be impacting your emotional wellbeing.

My approach is completely non-judgemental and confidential. I aim to bring trust and warmth to our therapeutic relationship.

Psychotherapy is helpful in treating conditions such as anxiety, depression and personality disorders. It also can also help manage life's stresses and conflicts such as grief, divorce and relationship difficulties.

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